The Friday Favourites

After scouring the web all week for the loveliest & prettiest things to have at your wedding I have come up with my top 3!

  1. A perfect idea for book lovers  Found on Pinterest, the jars are filled with pages from books, I was searching for lovely things to have at weddings of book lovers. My brother and his Natalie get married next weekend and they knew they were meant to be after discussing that they both dream of owning a coffee shop that is filled with books for people to read and swap with each other. Natalie said this sent a chill down her spine when Joel started talking about it as all her friends & family knew it’s what she’d always wanted ! So these would be perfect dotted around the tables with pages from their favourite book; The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel.

84c9c39b05cddfa00fe3a92a5ee09498   2. Using Instagram This post on one of my favourite blogs The Knot shows an amazing real-time wedding album on Instagram. The Bride aka (@white_lightning) posted pictures throughout the day onto her Instagram feed and got all her friends and family to #hashtag their photos so she could see all of the photos of the day from all different people!  I had a stalk on her feed as well and found a few of the best pictures ! Use this in your wedding by asking all of your guests to ‘hashtag’ their photos. #Joel&Nataliewedding for example. I am thinking about tweeting the wedding next week in real-time, what do you think?




    3. Favourite Wedding Tweeter. After joining Twitter this week, I have started following Martha Stewart who always has the most lovely DIY & Homemade Ideas. Both her twitter & blog are jam-packed full of gorgeous stationary ideas, themes, DIY projects and guest book ideas (which is something I have been working on this week). I have been thinking a lot this week about Love Letters and Love notes and how to use them for a Guestbook. On the Martha Stewart Blog there is a gorgeous idea, asking all your guests to write on postcards, of places you’ve been to together or places you want to go and then you get one of your wedding party to post them to you throughout the year. I had thought of collecting postcards from the place you met or the place you got engaged but you could use old postcards as well. It’s just so romantic and I Love It !



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